A whistle stop tour of Pisa!

What can you see and do in two hours in Pisa?

Our stop in Pisa was an added bonus to our city break to Florence.  As you know, travelling in the school holidays can be expensive, especially at Easter, so to keep within budget, we decided to fly to Pisa instead of Florence.  This reduced the costs dramatically.  We also flew midweek, on a Thursday, which also bought the costs down.

Anyway, Pisa!  Flying to Pisa actually meant that we not only got to spend two nights in Florence as planned, but we also got to see Pisa for a few hours and then explore the stunning Tuscan countryside as we travelled via train to Florence.

So of course, as a newbie to Pisa, what do we all want to see?  The Leaning Tower!  Before we left for Italy, we had watched Italy’s Invisible Cities which was actually about Florence, however they also talked about Pisa and The Leaning Tower and how it was constructed.  It was fascinating!  But I will leave you to watch that if you want to know more.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was about a 20 minute walk from the train station, through the city.  It was actually a lovely stroll, through the buzzing cafes and bars and across the peaceful river Arno.  You want to head towards the Piazza dei Miracoli, this is where you will find the Leaning Tower, situated in a picturesque, immaculate square and surrounded by other beautiful buildings like the Duomo.

You can go into the tower if you wish, however if you are short on time, like we were, the view from the square is also pretty incredible.  You will be surrounded by like minded tourists all posing for the ‘lets hold up the tower’ photo, it’s a must isn’t it?  The buildings surrounding the tower are just as impressive and if it is a beautiful sunny day, it’s a great place to stop and take in the views.

On our stroll back to the train station, we stopped in another lovely little square and enjoyed a spot of lunch.  It was so tranquil and quiet, the perfect start to our trip!


Then we headed back to the station, ready for our next leg of the journey.  Top tip, head to the back streets, further away from the Leaning Tower to eat and drink.  Although you don’t get the spectacular views, you do get great food (often better than in the tourist areas anyway), ambience and traditional Italian cobbled street views and what’s more, the food and drink is actually affordable!  So you can have two glasses of wine instead of one!


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