How to get from Florence to Pisa Airport with ease!

Want to know how to get back to Pisa Airport from Florence?  This post will hopefully make your journey that little bit more stress free!

When you arrive at Firenze SMN train station (Florence train station), head to the ticket office.  It feels like it is hidden away (when busy) due to the huge crowds.  But, about half way into the station along the back wall, where the shops are, you will find doors that take you into the large ticket office.

Head to the machine, its quicker and easier!  Choose the language you require, time, date, destination (Pisa Centrale) and buy your tickets using cash or card.

IMPORTANT – Check how long the train is going to take, you don’t want to get stuck on the 2 hour train!  I also highly recommend giving yourself at least 10 minutes to get to the platform, we (my husband!) decided that 4 minutes was plenty of time to find and get to the platform, but guess what?  We had to run!  The trains don’t wait around and they get so busy.  If you want to sit down, you need to be first on the train when it arrives so book a slightly later train and wait on the platform.

You will need to check the departure boards above your head to find your platform.  It is likely that the end destination is not Pisa Centrale.  Therefore it will display another location.  The easiest way to find your train is to find the right departure time and then check the scrolling information to the right of the final destination and it will scroll through the stops, one being Pisa.  Then simply head to the platform.

We were platform 1A which is hidden away with a few others.  As you come out of the ticket office (looking at the main platforms ahead), walk to the left, all the way to the end, turn right and then left and then right again.  You will see it!  There is someone there to check tickets and to ask if you are unsure.

IMPORTANT – BEFORE BOARDING – DON’T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR TICKET! Machines can be found on the platform, after the ticket check gate but before the platforms.


Then wait for the train, and get on.  Find any seat and enjoy the view of the Tuscan hills.  If you keep an eye on the time then you will know roughly when to expect to arrive in Pisa.

They will announce the stations over the tannoy ‘Pisa Centrale’ but you can also track it on your phone.  Ask Google, “where am I” and it will show you on a map!

When you arrive at Pisa Station, head downstairs and look for the Pisa Mover signs overhead.  Head in that direction (just follow everyone with suitcases!).  It’s exactly the same process as on the way there (see blog).  Buy a ticket (if you didn’t get a return) and get on the shuttle train, the 2nd stop is the airport.


When you arrive at the airport, there will be check in A and B entrances.  If you don’t already have your boarding pass or need to check in bags, use the screen to find your flight and check in desk.  Check in desk A is straight ahead and check in B is to the right. Both really clearly signposted above the doors.

If you don’t need to check in bags and already have your boarding pass, head forwards, through check in A doors until you reach security.  The fast track priority lane is on the right if you have booked this, otherwise just join the queue.  It was relatively quick and easy (especially compared to English airports).

When you reach departures it’s a bit confusing as there are two levels.  The ground floor has gates 1 to 20 and upstairs is gates 21 to 25.  You need to find out which gate you are departing from, you will get this information about 1 hour before boarding opens, again use the screens.

At this point, you still haven’t actually been through passport control, which feels odd but go with it.  There are cafes, bars and shops on the lower floor if you are early.  Or you can book the escape lounge.

We flew from gate 21 so headed upstairs, this is when we went through passport control and then into another, smaller, departure lounge.  It had a small bar, cafe, sandwich shop and duty free shop.  It also had a children’s area which was great if you have very young children.

Then you just simply wait for your flight and board.

Enjoy your flight!  Any questions, please ask.


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