Are you looking for stylish, luxurious yet affordable breaks in the school holidays?

So am I!

As a teacher with a young family, who loves to travel, I find it hugely frustrating when travel companies increase their prices just because of the school holidays.  I totally understand that there is a higher demand at these peak times and even that some, smaller travel companies or private accommodation owners make most of their money in the school holidays, it keeps their businesses going.  However, it seems unfair and unjust that it is at our expense!  Like we somehow earn more money than everyone else so can afford to pay double the price than the people who had exactly the same holiday but left the day or the week before us!

With my teacher head on, it also encourages parents to take their children out of school in term time to be able to afford these fantastic and memorable experiences for their children, I totally get it!  It also encourages parents (and children) to lie about going on holiday, like it is something they need to hide of because of the fines they may incur.  Not only that but the children are then missing out at school and have to ‘catch up’ when they return.  It is amazing how much content is actually missed in a weeks absence from school.  Children shouldn’t have to fall behind.  Parents should be able to take their children on holiday in the school holidays for the same price as term time.

Holidays are amazing opportunities for children and families and can teach them a lot about the wider world and themselves.  It all feels so wrong, like we are sending the wrong message to our future generations.  With so much focus in schools on the wider curriculum at the moment and health and well-being, you would think that this is something that could be addressed.  Although it appears not!

Therefore, I have made it my mission to continue our love of travel (as a family) by finding deals and solutions to help us dramatically reduce the costs of a family holiday in school holidays.


Follow my blog to see how we get on.  I would love to hear your ideas too.  The government may not be able to change inflated school holiday prices for parents, children and teachers (yet), but maybe we can!

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