Maximum Life, Minimum Sleep

So here I go, my first blog post…

Questions and answers

What inspired my name? 

I am a mother to my two year old little boy, Max, who is a real cheeky chap with bundles of energy and enthusiasm for life (hence the MAXimum in the blog title).  However, although I am a teacher, an Early Years teacher, and told by everyone that I should know what to do given my job, I actually only know what to do when a child reaches 3 to 4 years old!  I was/am completely new to looking after a baby and at first, felt overwhelmingly unprepared for a baby, especially one that does not like to sleep, not at all, not even now at 2 years old!

In fact, at times I still feel this way, I’m told it’s normal!  Therefore, the name describes me and my life.  A blog of a very sleep deprived new(ish) mother trying to live life to the full!

Why blog?

I have started this blog for many reasons really, but mainly because I get so many questions from friends and family about motherhood/family life; what to buy, what not to buy, how to do this, that and the other.  So I thought a blog would answer all of that and hopefully help other Mum’s and Dad’s, maybe even Grandparents with some of those important questions playing on their minds, as well as save them a few pennies when it comes to the huge list of so called ‘essentials’ needed.

I am also doing this for me.  I love my life, my family and my career but sometimes working full time, with a young family can be intense and full on, this is my ‘switch off’ zone.

Finally, I hope this blog will provide my beautiful boy with many recorded (probably embarrassing) memories for him to look back on in the future.

What’s the blog all about?

It’s an honest, supportive, light-hearted blog  from one mother to another, sharing our family stories, photos and experiences on our journey through life.  Hopefully answering all those buzzing questions around babies, family and work-life balance.  Including helpful reviews of baby/toddler products that we have bought and used so far.  Top ten lists on products, places we have been, clothing, you name it!

I really hope my readers will find this blog helpful and enjoyable and I would love to hear from you and try to answer any questions that you might have.